March 2020 archive

Changes to local AA meetings due to COVID19 restrictions

As of today – All local AA meetings in the whole Cebu Province are suspended until the lock-down is lifted. Some members are meeting through local online meetings. If you want to join, please send an email to us at: and you will get the details back. May you all be safe,sober and serene …

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Free online access to Grapevine

Most face-to-face AA meetings worldwide has been suspended these days due to COVID-19. This has given Grapevine an opportunity to give all AA members free access to the online 2020 issues of the Grapevine magazines. You can access them HERE

SM Seaside meeting

SM Seaside meeting will start 11:30 from now on and until further notice . The mall will open Monday thru Friday at 11:00 AM