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The Bohol Standard – Vol 8. 393

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alcoholism Is Destroying Filipino Families    

During election campaign, it has become normal for aspiring political officials to use the issue of poverty as a social problem that needs to be solved. In fact, some of them would try to project themselves as a messiah or a one-stop-solution to poverty.

But have we heard of our elected leaders pointing alcoholism in the Philippines as a very serious problem? Have we heard of church leaders discussing alcoholism in the pulpit and raising the issue as a social scourge? Hardly.

The truth is: the country has a very serious problem on alcoholism. Browse any tabloid newspaper today in any given day and you will encounter all sorts of heinous crimes committed against helpless, innocent victims by people who were drunk and who later regretted the evil thing they had done. Read the full article HERE


Filipinos 3rd heaviest drinkers in the world

Filipinos can out-drink everyone in the world except South Koreans and Russians, an international research firm reveals.
Euromonitor said that adults in the Philippines each take 5.4 shots of distilled alcohol weekly, making the country third in the list of the world’s heaviest drinkers.
South Koreans take a sizable amount of alcohol, averaging 13.7 shots per week. Russians, stereotyped as heavy drinkers, only rank second with 6.3 shots per adult a week.
Read the full story HERE  

Note: Other sources will have it that the total consumption per capita is far more in other countries, BUT this is really irrelevant for the ones in The Philippines that cannot control their drinking, or for those who have to live with a heavy drinker. So please take the above article with a pinch of salt, and rather agree that alcohol IS a big problem in this country, like the article above describes.

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